Chippiness and Penalties Plague Colorado vs. Colorado State Game

By Peter Baugh, Jason Jones, and David Ubben

Colorado and Colorado State faced off in a highly anticipated game at Folsom Field on Saturday, but the contest was marred by a high number of penalties and a controversial hit that left one player injured. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in the first half:

Penalty-Filled First Half

The game got off to a rough start with both teams racking up penalties. In the first half alone, Colorado State had 11 penalties for 128 yards, while Colorado had five penalties for 45 yards. The constant infractions disrupted the flow of the game and led to numerous stoppages.

Travis Hunter’s Injury

One of the most significant moments of the game came when Colorado’s star player, Travis Hunter, was taken out of the game after a late hit from Colorado State defensive back Henry Blackburn. Hunter was subsequently taken to the hospital for further evaluation. The hit sparked controversy and drew attention to player safety in college football.

Defensive Touchdowns

Despite the penalty-filled first half, there were some exciting plays on the defensive side of the ball. Colorado safety Shilo Sanders recorded an 80-yard interception return for a touchdown, showcasing his playmaking abilities. On the other side, Colorado State’s Ron Hardge III had a 45-yard fumble return for a touchdown. These defensive scores added some excitement to an otherwise penalty-ridden game.

Colorado State Leads at Halftime

At halftime, Colorado State held a 21-14 lead over Colorado. The Buffaloes were aiming to go 3-0 for the first time since 2020 but faced an uphill battle against their in-state rivals. The second half promised to be an intense battle as both teams looked to gain an edge and secure a victory.

Chippiness in Boulder

The game was marked by a high level of chippiness from the start. Even before kickoff, players from both teams engaged in jawing and confrontations near midfield. This tension carried over into the game, with multiple scuffles and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. The referees had their hands full trying to maintain control of the game.

Evaluation of Colorado’s First Half Performance

Colorado’s offense struggled to find success in the first half, primarily due to their offensive line’s inability to contain pressure. As a result, the Buffaloes’ passing plays lacked explosiveness, and quarterback Shedeur Sanders only managed 64 yards passing. On the defensive side, Colorado had difficulty stopping Colorado State’s explosive plays, allowing over 200 passing yards in the first two quarters.

Impact of Travis Hunter’s Injury

Losing Travis Hunter was a significant blow to Colorado. Hunter is not only the team’s best receiver but also their top defensive back. His absence left a void in Colorado’s secondary, which came under attack from Colorado State’s aggressive offense. Hunter’s versatility and playmaking ability make him a crucial asset for the Buffaloes, and his absence was felt throughout the first half.

Celebrity Presence Enhances the Game

Adding to the intensity of the rivalry game was the presence of several celebrities on the sidelines. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lil Wayne, Kawhi Leonard, Chauncey Billups, and Kyle Lowry were among the famous faces spotted at the game. This celebrity support further elevated the profile of the matchup and created a big-game atmosphere.


The Colorado vs. Colorado State game was overshadowed by a high number of penalties and a controversial hit that left Travis Hunter injured. Despite these setbacks, both teams fought hard in the first half, with Colorado State holding a slim lead at halftime. The second half promised to be an intense battle as both teams looked to secure a victory.

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